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We offer a diverse selection of training options to meet the needs of our clients and non-clients alike. We also offer training to meet the needs of our employees, employment candidates and community. We understand the importance of learning how to properly and effectively use the tools of our trade, so we are committed to ensuring that everyone who asks us for help, will know how to do just that.

Below is a listing of the types of training that we offer. For more detailed information about any one of these training options, please contact us.

Client Training

Because our clients are so important to the success of our company, we offer our services to them in whatever way we can. If they need help creating a Window Block, creating a Dynamic Block, using AutoCAD, printing a PDF from the drawing, or using a software program that we are familiar with, we are here to help them be successful. That is our company wide policy.

AutoCAD Training

We offer AutoCAD training to our local residents who want to pursue a career in Computer Aided Drafting. We teach them everything from the basic commands and drawing environment to advanced drafting procedures.

Some of the things they learn are as follows:

- Geometric Creations and Alignment
- Dimensioning and Notation
- Labeling and Block Integration
- Layers, Colors and Lineweights

We teach each student how to draw correctly with a strong emphasis on real world applications. We have found that the training received in schools is generic at best, and it often does not properly prepare students for what is really required in a drafting department environment. We, however, have many years of experience in that setting, and try to instill that experience into each one of our students.

The AutoCAD training sessions are done at our facilities in the evenings, and are tailored to meet a variety of individual needs.

Pre-employment Training

We offer those seeking employment with Paragon Enterprises, Inc. the opportunity to learn how draw, as well as how to use AutoCAD and our Manufacturing software as they would be utilized at our company.

We have had great success in training potential employees who have either never drawn before, or have only had a few classes in AutoCAD either in High School or a local community college. These are among the most grateful and hardest working employees that we have. Their gratitude for being given the opportunity to learn a trade or to implement their previous schooling has been the backbone to our success as a company.

Online Training

We offer Online Training to all of our clients. Please contact us for details, and to set up times and dates for the training sessions.

Steven Shull

Steven has over 35 years of Drafting & Design experience in various disciplines with skills in both CAD & Manual drafting.

Active AWI Member since 2009

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