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Paragon Enterprises, Inc. is in the process of forming a software development division in order to create a Millwork Engineering software package that will adequately meet, and hopefully surpass, the needs of our clients and customers alike. The name of our manufacturing package will be " Echelon ", and it will provide any millwork company with all of the features needed to make it efficient and profitable.

Some of the features available with the Echelon Manufacturing package are highlighted below.

Our CAM Services

Manufacturing Data

Our software will be able to provide you with manufacturing data for all of the CNC machines that are setup throughout your shop.

Whether you have a Flat Bed CNC, Point to Point CNC or a Beam Saw, our software will be able to create the G-Code to run parts seamlessly through your shop. With every screw hole, dowel hole and route in place after running the code, all that will be left for your shop to do, is to put the numbered parts together in assembly.


Our software will generate a wide variety of reports relative to an active project. These reports will range from Product Summary Reports to Hardware Reports, from Edge Band Reports to Sheet Stock Reports, from Panel Optimization Reports to Laminate Stock Reports, and many more.

Think about the number of hours your employees spend gleaning this information from the shop drawings just to order materials and hardware. Our software will provide these reports prior to, or during submittal, to give you a head start on the ordering process. When the project is drawn, the reports are virtually being created in the background. A simple click a few buttons, and the reports will be generated.


Our software will generate Panel Optimization that will let you quickly generate cutting diagrams that make the most efficient use of your panels and lumber. Calculate exactly how much material to buy for your project, and what it will cost. Even generate formatted pricing proposals for your customers.

We will also make provisions for you to use your own Optimizing software as an add-on to our package.

Product or Library Creation

This portion of our software is going to be the most exciting for me. As a draftsman for over 35 years, the ease of using the Part Maker and Product Creator will be most enjoyable. So, whether you are creating a Part or Product on the fly, or establishing Parts and Products for your Library through the Library Creator, you will find these features to be extremely easy to use and understand.

If you would like to learn more, please contact the president of Paragon Enterprises, Inc., Steven Shull, either by email ( ) or phone at (865) 212-4170 to discuss.

CAM Manager

To be determined at the completion of our " Echelon " Software Program's beta release.

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