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Paragon Enterprises, Inc. was started as a business in August of 1996, and was not incorporated at that time. The company consisted of one man, Steven Shull, and was operated out of a small space in one of his bedrooms in Temperance, Michigan. The business began to grow quickly, so he moved the company into an office in Lambertville, Michigan, a nearby town, in 1997. There he hired a couple of CAD operators, as well as a secretary. However, it wasn’t long before work began to slow down, and layoffs left just him to do the small amount of work that was coming in. So, he decided to move his new bride, and his CAD business to Knoxville, Tennessee, the place that had captured a portion of his heart during his honeymoon trip a year earlier.

In Knoxville, getting the business re-established in a new location just did not happen, and with no experience on how to make that happen, Steven and his wife Brenda decided to move back home to Michigan. The “business dream” was put on hold.

After two and a half years, including a move to St. Louis, Missouri, Steven and Brenda found their way back to Knoxville - that place that kept pulling at his heart. While in St. Louis, Steven had worked for a company that was willing to keep him on as an employee when he moved to Knoxville. A year later, he asked that company if they would allow him to go into business and retain them as his client. They agreed, so Paragon Enterprises was once again, back in business.

Steven started the business back up much like he did in Temperance, Michigan, working out of his home. Some years, and a number of clients later, he learned a new software program which became the turning point for his company. He added an employee, and both were working excitedly out of his home. Business began to grow rapidly, and he realized that it was going to require a number of employees to meet the demand that the new software was generating, so he moved the company into an office close to his home. A year later, he incorporated the business and renamed it, Paragon Enterprises, Inc.

After expanding the office from 700 sq. ft. to 3300 sq. ft. in July of 2008, and adding a number of employees and a large number of clients, the business is now becoming one of the best Millwork Engineering companies in the country. And that was the goal of his dream all along.

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